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Nextverse is a collection programmatically, randomly generated NFTs on the Solana blockchain. The NEXTVERSE NFT consists of 7,777 randomly assembled characters.


NFT enters a new phase.


NFT item marketplace

Drop NFT game items to NEXTVERSE holders. Users can buy, sell various items used in the NEXTVERSE world, such as spaceships, cars, and weapons.

Partnership with top NFTs

In partnership with top NFTs, not only will NFTs be stored in the wallet, but they will be able to be used as 3D characters in the NEXTVERSE world.

NFT game launching

Users can enjoy various games, such as forming a private NFT community in the NEXTVERSE world by using various NFT characters and items.



Lead game developer 20 years experience in game development


Game developer Unity/Unreal Engine, C#


Blockchain developer Solana SDK, NFT, Solidity


3D/2D Game Artist 3D modeling, animation expert

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